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Keeping the dirt out of the house

What's the best kind of dirt? The sort that you never allow into your house in the first place. That's dirt in its proper place - dirt that you don't have to clean up. It's much easier to head off a problem before it takes root than to fix it after the damage is done. There's lots of advice on how to stop dirt from getting into your home.

Keep dirt on the mat

The majority of dirt in your home comes from outside, so choosing the right doormat will save you time cleaning and chasing down dirt. A mat should be long enough to walk on with both feet before entering the home, but no broader than the entrance itself. Instead of dust-attracting materials, pick textiles that have been treated with a stain- and-dust-resistant finish. Light-colored surfaces may not be the best choice if you have a black Labrador retriever or another dark-haired breed, but a dark carpet or sofa will expose every white or ginger hair from a lighter-colored pet.

Stop grime in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house, which is surprising given that it is where you cook and dine. Turn on the exhaust fan every time you cook on the stove to absorb some of the flying oil. By utilizing larger pots and pans, you may reduce the amount of soup and tomato-based sauce that jumps out of their saucepans. If you routinely deep-fry, sauté, or cook dishes that spit, you might want to consider installing an extra line of tiles behind the oven. Sprinkle salt on oven splatters from a steaming pie or dish to reduce smoke.

Keep your tools clean

Sprinkle salt on oven splatters as a fast, temporary fix. To cut through grease, wash cleaning cloths in your washing machine with detergent, hot water, and 100ml of white vinegar or a scoop of oxygen-boosting ingredients such as Oxi Clean. Washing sponges in the washing machine or on the top rack of your dishwasher is a good way to break down cellulose and prevent them from clogging up. Make it a habit to put them in every evening and wash them once a week.

Close your doors

Dirt simply loves to travel, so keep your doors, drawers, cabinets, closets, and other obstacles closed regularly. This keeps filth out in the open, where vacuum cleaners and cleaning cloths may easily remove it. Wash Venetian blinds and other dirt-attracting window coverings, such as net curtains, regularly. Remember that dirt enjoys company and attracts more.

Smart tricks for pets

Keeping your dogs and cats clean, as well as adopting preventative actions when they are very unclean, will limit the amount of dirt they can carry into your home. Keep a clean cloth at the door where your pet goes so you'll be more likely to remember to wipe off muddy, wet paws and nails. Take your dog outside once a week and brush its fur using the sort of brush advised for its coat. Wiping pet hair off of furniture and other surfaces with a moist sponge or towel works wonders. A moderately wet rubber glove rubbed briskly back and forth, is a fantastic option. You may also use one of those special nubbed rubber brushes designed for grooming cats and finer-haired canines. If you have a lot of pets or an animal that sheds a lot, a particularly designed vacuum cleaner can be a good idea.

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