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Clean Thinking: Planning for a clean life

The core of the 'clean thinking' attitude is to clean everything at once or on a regular maintenance plan so that you nearly never need to conduct any remedial cleaning. Here are some of the simplest ways to accomplish this.

Focus on the benefits of cleaning

Why not attempt to adjust your mentality if you despise cleaning and organizing? Look for hobbies that provide value and happiness. Yogis have stressed the importance of undertaking basic tasks like cleaning. When you're stressed, doing something simple and meticulous like cleaning may be quite therapeutic and comforting. The aim is to clear your mind of mental clutter and focus on the task at hand. There are plenty of other benefits as well,

  • The environment in your house will be healthier and safer.

  • Spend more time with the people you care about.

  • Free time means a more active social life and a greater willingness to host guests.

  • You will experience less tension when you no longer need to wade through trash and grime.

  • It's less expensive to clean your furniture and clothes when they're in good condition.

Consider cleanliness to be a virtue that your entire family shares.

Cleanliness is a virtue for the entire household, especially if there are two grownups. What are you teaching your children if you make yourself the only cleaner of the family home? That they can be untidy and that someone else will clean it up? Make it the responsibility of the entire family to maintain your home tidy.

Give children cleaning responsibilities from an early age.

Starting at the age of four or five is not too young. It is simple to explain how to educate youngsters to complete chores. Just break everything down into clear stages. They'll thank you one day when they're running their own houses, or possibly at university.

Integrate cleaning routines and processes into your daily routine.

It entails airing and then straightening your bed every morning, as well as educating your children to do the same. It also entails constantly wiping your feet at the entrance, and putting dishes in the dishwasher. If you can develop routines like these, you can reduce the amount of time you spend on house cleaning.

Have a plan for keeping your house clean and nice.

It is possible to have a messy house that is clean or a nice home that is dirty. Neat implies that the work surfaces are clear, coats are hanging, and clutter is under control. But none of this can happen unless there is adequate space in the kitchen cabinets or pegs and hooks in the hallway. So you must create the conditions for clean and tidy to occur spontaneously.

Understand the unique cleaning requirements of the items you possess.

If you dislike paying for dry cleaning, always choose washable clothing and upholstery coverings. What are the materials used in your carpets, furniture, appliances, curtains, and clothing? The more you understand their materials and structure, the more effectively you can clean them. Consider how the items should be cleaned when making purchasing decisions.

Don't be discouraged by messes

Before-and-after photos are extremely motivational and energizing, but when you're still in the 'before' stage, there's no 'after' photo to motivate you. Visualizing the end product in advance is a strong tool for clear thinking. Don't be discouraged by messes; rather, recognize the order and cleanliness that might arise from them

Extend your visualization by creating a tidy, clutter-free environment to experience how it feels. Choose a table that irritates you, or even just one shelf on a display unit or article case, and put everything that shouldn't be there - into a box. Don't worry about it for the time being. After you've cleared the table or desk, dust it, wash it if required, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from establishing order. To have an effortless yet efficient cleaning Browse through our products and stay tuned to find out more.

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