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  • What is a washing machine descaler, and why should we use it?
    Descalers are chemical compounds that are used to remove calcium deposits and limescale from metal surfaces that use hard water. Some of them can even break down the calcium molecules in the drum and soften the hard water that is poured into the machine.
  • Why should you descale the washing machine?
    Soap residue, minerals, and detergent chemicals can become trapped within your washing machine and form a thin coating that traps germs. These germs can block the inner systems, causing your water to become less hot and your detergent to be less effective. So, we use Paleech descaling powder to clean your washing drum and restore it to its original condition.
  • What types of washing machines can Paleech washing machine descaling powder clean?
    Paleech Descaling powder is appropriate for removing scaling from all top and front load washing machines (such as Bosch, LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool).
  • Where can I get a washing machine cleaner near me?
    You can get the best air freshener that is made in India on the official Paleech website.
  • Which is better, Paleech toilet cleaner or bleach?
    Do not use bleach or bleach-containing products to clean your toilet since they can damage the internal parts of your toilet. Paleech toilet cleaners have disinfectant and whitening properties that keep your toilet clean and hygienic.
  • Where can I get the best toilet cleaner?
    You can get the best toilet cleaner that is made in India on the official Paleech website.
  • Which is the most effective toilet cleaner?
    Paleech is the most effective toilet cleaner; it can remove difficult stains like grout and rust, and it is also safe for septic tanks.
  • Is it safe to use Paleech toilet cleaner?
    Paleech toilet cleaner is non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment.
  • How long should I leave the Paleech toilet cleaner on?
    Take the Paleech toilet bowl cleanser, Pour the toilet bowl and beneath the rim with the liquid. Allow the liquid to spread from the rim to the U-bend. Allow for 20 minutes. Flush the toilet after slightly brushing it.
  • What is the best product for cleaning tile?
    Paleech Tiles cleaner is the ideal solution for cleaning any sort of tile, including bathroom tiles, wall tiles, white tiles, ceramic tiles, kitchen tiles, shower tiles, floors, and pools, as well as removing grout and efflorescence.
  • Where can I get the best and most affordable, environmentally-friendly tap cleaner?
    You can get your favorite Paleech tap cleaner on the official Paleech website.
  • Which is better Super surface cleaner or surface disinfectant?
    The first and most important piece of knowledge is that a cleaner does not disinfect, nor does a disinfectant cleaner. Cleaning removes loose dirt and prepares the surface or item to be disinfected. Disinfecting kills germs on the surface, stopping them from spreading. If a surface is not cleaned first, germs might hide behind dirt and diminish the disinfectant's effectiveness.
  • Where can I get the best and most affordable environmentally friendly surface cleaner?
    You can get Your favorite Paleech super surface cleaner on the official Paleech website now.
  • What footwear can I use Paleech shoe polish on?
    Paleech Shoe Polish may be used on all types of leather shoes, whether they are black, brown, tan, or any other color.
  • Is Paleech liquid detergent safe to use on clothes?
    Paleech Liquid detergent may be used not just for regular use clothing, but also for expensive occasional wear garments. Some items, such as silk or wool, or baby clothes, require special care, and Paleech liquid detergent may perform wonders for all types of fabrics like these without staining clothes.
  • Is Paleech liquid detergent better than other cleansers such as baking soda and detergent powder?
    Although baking soda and detergent powder are safe to use in both ordinary and washing machines, they are far less effective at achieving an exceptional and odourless clean than high-performance Paleech laundry detergents.
  • What is a kitchen degreaser?
    Paleech Kitchen degreaser is a strong cleaning agent that is designed to remove grease, oils, and other filth from the kitchen. Unlike all-purpose cleaners, which are designed to remove dusty or lightly dirty surfaces, degreasers may cut through heavier caked-on stains.
  • What is the most effective kitchen degreaser in India?
    Paleech Kitchen Degreaser Liquid is the best and most effective kitchen degreaser spray in India.
  • Is Paleech dishwash liquid superior to other dishwashing products such as dishwashing powder and dishwashing bars?
    Paleech dishwash liquid is far more effective and gentler on the skin than dishwash powder or dishwash bar, and it dissolves and foams better in hot water. Additionally, it includes more glycerine with lemon extract than dish soap and is kinder on your skin when washing dishes by hand.
  • Is Paleech air freshener better than other room fresheners such as scented candles, and air purifiers?
    Paleech Air Freshener contains a pleasant aroma of thieves oil and will keep your home smelling fresh and aromatic. Paleech provides you with an age-old formula that will keep you healthy while offering a pleasant fragrance of freshness.
  • What air fresheners are safe for dogs, cats, and other pets?
    Paleech air fresheners, with their unique thieves oil formula, provide a safe and healthy environment for all of your family members, including your pets such as dogs and cats.
  • where can I buy a good air freshener?
    Your favorite Paleech air freshener with special thieves oil is now available on the official Paleech website.
  • Where can I buy the best descaling powder near me?
    You may now order your favourite Paleech Magic Degreaser for All Surfaces from the official Paleech website.
  • What exactly is "magic descaler powder"?
    Paleech Magic Descaler is a biodegradable and non-toxic multi-purpose descaler that may be used to remove calcium and limescale deposits as well as thick stains and grout from a variety of surfaces.
  • How to use and clean washing machines using washing machine descaling powder?
    Directly pour the powder into the drum or the main wash chamber. Select and run the most extended program without any clothes. After washing, clean and reinstall the fluff filter. Finally, choose the rinse option to send clean water through the empty machine.
  • How to clean tiles professionally without causing damage to the surrounding tiles?
    Clean any small particles such as dust and dirt with a broomstick or vacuum cleaner before spraying the Paleech Tiles cleanser. Allow it to soak for 5 minutes before wiping it clean with a sponge.
  • How to clean faucets and taps at home?
    To clean up the problem, simply use a towel soaked in a mix of Paleech tap cleaner and warm water. You may also use a dry towel to polish the faucet till it shines!
  • How and in what types of footwear can I use the Paleech shoe polish?
    Make sure the shoes are dust-free before applying the Paleech Shoe polish on them. Apply polish to the full welt of the shoe with a cotton cloth (old t-shirts work perfectly) in small circular movements until your shoes shine.
  • What is the best way to use Paleech liquid detergent in a washing machine?
    Pre-treat tough stains by applying a little amount of Paleech liquid detergent straight to the cloth and gently rubbing it in. Place your clothes in the washing machine and add the liquid detergent. Select your preferred wash cycle and temperature. Start the washing machine and enjoy the fresh clothes when it is completed. Paleech Liquid detergent is suitable for front and top load washing machines and leaves no stains or white residue.
  • How to use a kitchen degreaser to remove grease and stains from a kitchen?
    Spray the Paleech Kitchen Degreaser over the stains, let it soak for a few seconds, and then scrape the greasy surface with the cloth. To finish, rinse the surface and wipe it down again.
  • Can Paleech dishwashing liquid remove cooking oil and other tough stains?
    To remove oil stains and grease, use Paleech dishwashing detergent. Apply a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the stain and scrub it.
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